Walk Through Bethlehem


Come see this in person. Walk Through Bethlehem is presented live at the following times and dates:

Four days only!
Week's DayDateStartEndFundraiser Food
ThusdayDecember 36pm8pmTostadas
FridayDecember 4 None -- only free snacks
SaturdayDecember 5 Tostadas
SundayDecember 6 Tostadas

Coming during the earlier hour is a good idea so that there is ample opportunity to experience the attractions without any time pressure before some events start to close up.
People who arrive much after 7:30pm will not have much time to be trying to experience everything.

Tostadas are not being prepared Friday evening, in recognition of the Sabaath. As was experienced in Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus, this starts at sunset following the afternoon of the sixth day of the week. We're remaining true to that same schedule.

Here is an extremely important detail to understand at this time of the year:

The Countdown

That is only from now!

(It all starts the Thursday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving.)
Mark your calendar. Invite your family. Invite friends. Make plans.

What Is Walk Through Bethlehem?

Walk Through Bethlehem is a re-creation of Bethlehem's environment around the time that Jesus Christ was born to a virgin mother, named Mary.

Basically, every year the field of a school yard is transformed into a series of places to visit. Buildings are built (literally). The result includes attractions like a manger near an inn, a synagogue, and a number of shops (which only accept the currency that is freely provided at the event). Also, there are people, dressed up in costumes, who serve as shopkeepers, Roman guards, and even kings.

See the sights, taste the treats (which are free), and even participate in using some of the skills that people at a time when the night's light comes from the flames of lanterns.

What does the event cost to attend?

Nothing! There is no admissions charge. It is free. There is no reservation needed.

Refreshments are provided free of charge. The one cost is that some food is provided as a fundraiser. However, other food/snacks get distributed freely, so people can enjoy this experience without needing to pay for admission.

How does this happen?

An empty field behind Baker View Christian School is converted into a miniature village. This transformation can be see at Re-Creation Records.

Where is this?

This is located at the following address:

Baker View Christian School
5353 Waschke Rd
Bellingham, WA 98226

It is located across the street from soccer fields.

Here is Google Maps focused on Baker View Christian School. Note that if you take Northwest Drive, there is another Waschke Rd which does not connect. This is not an issue if you come from the Guide Meridian, as described by the back side (second electronic page) of the Handbill (2015).

How to come

Dressed warmly! Most of this event occurs outdoors, on grassy (and, therefore, perhaps a bit dirty/muddy) ground.

Plan to spend some time enjoying yourself. After the brief visit to King Herod's throne, the experience is self-paced. Also, refreshments will be provided.

How can Walk Through Bethlehem be even better?

We could use help! With over a decade of successful Walk Through Bethlehem events, we've learned where some help can be provided. Additional help can improve the end results, and make life easier for some other volunteers. Please, come help us!


As of November 14, The Walk Through Bethlehem budget is currently seeking about $1,000 of additional funding for this year (2015) to have the project's finances where they should be. Please help if you can. If you'd like to use a check, please write out the check to “Bellingham SDA Church”. (Bellingham SDA Church is a more formal organization, so checks should use that name, rather than Walk Through Bethlehem.) If you'd like to send this via mail, the correct address to use is:

Bellingham SDA Church
P.O. Box 278
Bellingham, WA 98227

To those who are willing and able, we have this brief two-word message: Thank you. We do appreciate being able to provide this event.

Additional Information Online

Community Involvement

The Walk Through Bethlehem event has been an opportunity to provide this service to the local community. The theme is clearly Christian, focusing on Bethlehem which is the city where Jesus Christ was born. The content of this event is expected to be widely comfortable for all who appreciate the biblical Nativity story.

Walk Through Bethlehem takes place on the property of Baker View Christian School. Besides providing basic education for people before their high school years, Baker View Christian School's site is used for hosting Best Childcare Development Center. The site is also used for hosting church service (where a congregation meets weekly). Besides just the school, the Walk Through Bethlehem event is also strongly supported by local congregations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The reason that the Synagogue has a Jewish symbol (the “Star of David”) is that the human community in Bethlehem was not widely acknowledging the significance of Jesus at the time of his birth. Crosses (as religious symbols) may be rare or even unseen entirely, for the same reason that electricity is not used for many parts of the event. These things were not part of Bethlehem at the time Jesus was born, so they aren't prominently featured in this re-created Bethlehem. This is why so many of the pictures show night-time firelight.